Flu Shots

Kidder County District Health Unit

9/14/20210 min read

Fall is creeping in and as the daylight gets shorter, our schedules seem to continue to fill up! We have been working hard to figure out the best way to continue necessary services for our community while juggling upcoming flu shots, COVID-vaccines, and increased demand for COVID testing.

Office hours have been expanded during the month of September until 6pm on Tuesdays as a trial for future months.

October 1st is fast approaching – if you have a child who entered kindergarten, 7th, or 11th grades please make sure they are up to date on vaccines! If you are unsure, please call us – although you should have already received notices regarding this. October 1st is the deadline before exclusions. If you have an older child, we do bring vaccine to the school to give during lunch once the appropriate paperwork/consents have been signed by a parent.

Flu shots will arrive by the end of the month and we plan to offer them during regular office hours as well as take them “up north” (Tuttle, Robinson, Pettibone) and to the Dawson and Tappen area starting in October most likely. Look for posters around your town and the ad in the paper for confirmed dates/times.

COVID-19 vaccines continue weekly from 3-4pm at the Ambulance Hall in Steele, ND. Also the ND DoH will continue to be at the Cofee Cup in Steele from 10-2pm on Fridays through October. We plan to bring COVID-19 vaccine to our flu shot clinics in Tuttle, Robinson, Pettibone, Dawson, and Tappen as well in the month of October. We are still awaiting guidance for general public booster doses from the state – currently only an additional dose of either Pfizer or Moderna is authorized for those with a moderate/severe immunocompromising condition (similar to an organ transplant, high doses of steroids daily, active chemotherapy, etc).

If you are a local business owner and would like to offer COVID-19 vaccine or flu vaccine to your employees during business hours, please reach out to us to schedule a date/time.

If you have questions on any services or need us for anything – reach out to us at 475-2582. We’d love to hear from you.