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Expanded Nursing Services available to Northern Residents

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We are excited to welcome Nikki Mack, RN to help us with our expanded services up North.

If you or someone you love could benefit from these services, call our office at 475-2582.

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Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report

green farming equipment on brown field
green farming equipment on brown field


Our new RN: Autumn Fallgatter!


My name is Autumn Fallgatter. I grew up in Steele on a farm and ranch where my parents, Marty and Sandi Janke, still live.

I attended the University of Mary in Bismarck where I received my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree in 2016. I have spent the last 6 years working in the Intensive Care Unit at Sanford Health in Bismarck.

By happenstance my now husband, Brighton Fallgatter, farms and ranches in Steele. As a result, I have ventured my way back to Steele, a place I have come to love and appreciate. Brighton and I have one son, Oliver, who I am proud to raise in my hometown.

I am very excited to serve the community as a nurse at the Kidder County District Health Unit!

Autumn started August 8th and will train with Mary Ellen Strand prior to Mary Ellen's retirement. Stop in and help us welcome her back to Kidder County!

Exciting office updates

We are doing some remodeling in one of our offices to better suit the needs of the county! Stay tuned for updates and offerings!

Managing Stress on the Farm and Ranch

Preventing Farmer Suicide: Collaboration and Communication

"Farmers face a multitude of unique stressors, such as difficult economic conditions and extreme weather. These challenges have led to a recent increase in the number of farmers taking their own lives. Experts discuss warning signs of suicide and how communities can help farmers and their families address mental health concerns."

Reach out for help!

You are not alone!

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available.

Call or text 988 or chat for confidential support!


Serving our community from within

This public health unit initially formed in January of 1983, when a board came together to put plans in place. The office has been housed in various locations in Steele, ND throughout the years – the courthouse, senior center, mini mall, and currently its own independent building/office. Previously MedCenter1 owned the building – when that location closed our board rented it until our purchase in approximately 2010.

Currently, KCDHU employs two nurses and one administrator. We serve the whole county. We offer many services to individuals throughout the lifespan (see page 4). A board of 5 voting members oversees the activity of the health unit. This board includes our medical director and one county commissioner.

Over time, our district health unit has adjusted our services and staff to fit the needs of the county. We are truly committed to our mission. Our staff have deep roots in the county and have established relationships with those we serve. We hope these relationships foster a sense of trust in us and public health that will only better serve the population of Kidder County. It is one major benefit to having a small health unit.

KCDHU staff:

Janel Brousseau – Administrator

Mary Ellen Strand – RN, Tobacco Coordinator

Tricia Steinke – RN, DON, PHEP coordinator, school liaison

What is Public Health?

Watch this video your local ND public health units put together to inform the public of our role in our communities.

At 3:00 you will see Kidder County featured!

Protect yourself

COVID-19 Vaccine

Protect your Community

COVID-19 Testing

Keep Up to Date!

Our office offers ALL recommended childhood vaccinations, regardless of insurance status.

We also stock adult vaccines as well - including Tdap, pneumococcal, and will inject the shingles vaccine once picked up from the pharmacy.


Quality, not quantity

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