School Nursing

8/23/20221 min read

One role public health nurses in ND have is school nursing. This year, my goal is to maintain a consistent presence in the school throughout the year.

Historically, our office had staff at the school on Mondays, typically over the noon hour, to give vaccine to any students that needed it (with parental permission) and to check in with staff. This year, I intend to be present at the school on Tuesdays from 1-3pm – to check in with staff, to give vaccine to older children (pending parent permission), and complete other school related tasks. These include:

-Vaccination reports/surveys, exemption follow ups, etc

-Medication administration training

-Education per staff request

-Vision screening

-Other requests per staff request

With limited space within the school, our office purchased a “mobile nursing office” with grant money – this way we have a place to store our equipment/supplies and can travel throughout the school, set up where needed, and move on! We also intend to have a bulletin board within the school for staff introductions, age-appropriate health information, and newsletters!

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