End of May COVID-19 Update

Kidder County District Health Unit

5/25/20220 min read

Yes, COVID-19 is still a thing.

Reportable cases are on the rise, however they are estimated to be a fraction of the actual circulating virus in the community. With home test kits widely available (and not reportable to the ND dept of health), asymptomatic cases, and also COVID fatigue – there is much more COVID in the community than what is on the media.

Luckily, ND has all the tools it needs to continue to fight this now endemic disease. At this moment, we have adequate test kits, antivirals, and hospital capacity. Vaccines against COVID-19 are available to anyone and in ample supply. So continue to base your lifestyle on your risk level and keep in mind those around you. If you feel sick, take a home COVID-19 test or just stay home and away from others. The major issue with the continued spread of COVID-19 lies within the mutations that occur – each transmission that happens there is a chance it could mutate. Current treatments and vaccines are still effective, for now; however, in the future with continued variants that may not be the case. There is talk about an omicron variant specific booster potentially available this fall.

We continue to offer COVID-19 vaccine clinics on Thursdays at the Ambulance Hall from 3-4pm. Call our office at 475-2582 for specific dates and to make an appointment. We offer Pfizer (ages 12+) or Moderna vaccines – primary series (1st and 2nd doses) or booster doses (1st or 2nd). 1st booster has to be at least 5 months from your 2nd dose; 2nd booster has to be at least 4 months from your 1st booster. Due to lack of interest, we do not offer Pfizer vaccine for 5-11 year olds. Please contact your child’s primary care provider to see if they do.

We are so happy to answer any questions or give more information about COVID-19 or the vaccines to anyone interested – we’d love to hear from you!