Community Health Needs Assessment Updates

7/6/20231 min read

woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall

We had our second community focus group in early May. We had over 10 community leaders from all over the county, representing education, county leadership (commissioner), health care, faith organizations, agriculture, and young working families to retirees. At this meeting NDSU Center for Rural Health presented on and reviewed survey results (had almost 70 respondents). The community group then started prioritizing health needs/focus areas based on the results of that survey.

The group identified the top 5 priorities for our county as follows and in the order of priority:

1. Depression and anxiety in youth and adult populations

2. Availability of mental health services

3. Availability of resources to help elderly stay in their homes

4. Not getting enough physical activity/exercise

5. Attracting and retaining new families

We had a long discussion about the top priority of mental health services (and lack thereof) for our county and where to go next. KCDHU, Four Seasons Wellness, EMS, and Social Services met on June 21st to discuss different options available nearby and how to build the infrastructure/programming needed to increase access for Kidder County residents.

More community meetings will take place in the near future to discuss these priorities to improve the lives of Kidder County residents. If you have any interest in serving on the county community group, please contact 475-2582 or email kiddercountyhealth@gmail.com. Those already in the group, expect an email about future meetings!

We are awaiting the final copy of our official Community Health Needs Assessment. Stay tuned for how to access it!