Let's Get Moving Physical Activity Challenge

6/27/20242 min read

Greetings Kidder County Community!

Kidder County District Health Unit (your local Public Health office) is committed to building a healthy community. We have partnered with multiple community organizations this summer to promote a community-wide physical activity challenge for ALL ages!

The goal is simple: to get our bodies moving!

Recent data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings places Kidder County 40th and 42nd out of 48 in ND for health outcomes and health factors, respectively. This data shows Kidder County has an adult obesity rate of 40% - this rate has increased every year and is higher than the national (30%) and state average (36%). Alarmingly, only 7% of Kidder County residents report having access to exercise opportunities! (For comparison, ND average is 68%, national top 10% is 86%). So enough of the statistics, let’s do something about it!!!

This county-wide challenge will run from July 1st through August 31st. Individuals of any age can pick up calendars for the months of July and August available at the businesses below (and on our website). Anyone who charts at least 30 days of at least 30 minutes of physical activity during this time frame is eligible for fun prizes!! Any form of physical activity counts – includes walking, biking, swimming, yoga, gardening, chair exercises, stretching, etc. Anything that got you up and moving more than your normal. You can do this alone, with a friend, or a group!!

Follow us on Facebook for tips, ideas, and useful information during this time frame! We’ll also have weekly newspaper articles and information on our website: kiddercountyhealth.com!

Visit any of the following locations to pick up a calendar set to start tracking your activity:

-Mad Moves

-Kidder County Swimming Pool

-Kidder County Library (come see us July 3rd during the Summer Reading Storytime hours!)

-Our office - stop by during the Kidder County Fair and get a stamp in your passport too!

-Any Kidder County Senior Center: Steele, Tuttle, Robinson, Pettibone

-Steele Pharmacy

Turn in calendars to Kidder County District Health Unit’s office no later than Tuesday, September 3rd to be eligible for prize drawings! These prizes will be drawn by age ranges: youth (12 and younger), teens (13-18), adults (19+), senior adults (65+).

Let’s get moving together!!