QSP: Quality Service Provider

6/22/20231 min read

person reaching black heart cutout paper
person reaching black heart cutout paper

How many know of people who want to stay independently living in their home, but maybe need a little help? Cooking, cleaning, shopping, even bathing…?

About a quarter of our population here in Kidder County is 65+. With a larger demographic of an aging population, our needs for in home services will increase from a large demand now, to an even greater demand in the future. Who can provide these services?

Our office at Kidder County District Health Unit can provide nursing services (med box fill, assessment, vital signs, bathing, etc) about once a week. It is self-pay as we do not charge insurance (unless you have Medicaid). So who can provide non-nursing services to our adult population?

One solution: The Quality Service Provider (QSP) program.

These are individuals contracted through the state to provide services to eligible people in their homes. They meet certain competency standards to provide these services. Anyone can apply for this program. The pay is competitive and your schedule is flexible and when you’re available.

How do you get these services for you or a loved one?

By calling the state ADRL (Aging and Disability Resource Link) hotline number: 1-855-462-5465. A friendly person will answer the phone and ask questions to determine your needs and if you qualify for state assistance (income/asset questions). If you don’t, they will be able to give you information for private pay services.

We do not have many QSPs for our county, so there is a demand. Our Human Service Zone did hire one individual to provide services to our county (as well as other counties in the zone). We do have at least one other person. But we need more! Again, the pay is competitive and your schedule is flexible and when you’re available.

If you are interested, please visit ndqsphub.org or call (701) 777-3432 for more information. We also have the flyer at our KCDHU office.

Visit https://www.ndqsphub.org/ for more information on becoming a QSP.

More info on Home and Community Based Services: https://www.hhs.nd.gov/adults-and-aging/homecare