Community Health Needs Assessment

2/3/20231 min read

In an effort to gauge the overall health needs of our community, Kidder County District Health Unit is in the process of conducting a community health needs assessment. The last time this was completed was in 2014. Our health organization is very interested in community insights and suggestions as we strive to improve health in the community – this assessment is a comprehensive way to determine programming based on need. While this effort has been initiated by public health, it will be spearheaded by the Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Part of the assessment process has involved the distribution of a survey. The survey allows health leaders to learn more about the community’s assets, understand perceptions and attitudes about the health of the community, learn more about how local health services are used, and hear suggestions for improvement. Results of the needs assessment will provide guidance to public health – as well as other community leaders – on better ways to address local health needs.

As of February 1st, we have only had 74 responses to this survey. We extended it for a couple more weeks to see if we can get a better response! Paper copies are available in our office or you can complete the survey at https://tinyurl.com/Kidder2022.

We also held a community meeting on January 19th. This meeting gathered key stakeholders from the county - representing business, education, health care, faith communities, rural, and all ages. This meeting allowed members of the community to discuss various needs and from it gained key insights into different community problems – related to health or otherwise.

Stay tuned for more updates from this Community Assessment! Our next meeting will be later March to discuss results of the survey and next steps! A final report will be compiled by the Center for Rural Health and available online.